I commenced my musical journey by playing the Piano at 4 years of age. When I commenced work at the age of 16, I was able to purchase my first Piano Accordion and began lessons with Ossie Mazzei. A few years later when I turned 18, I commenced teaching the Piano Accordion at Ossie’s accordion school which I enjoyed doing for seven years, only stopping to raise my family. When I turned 21, I won the Queensland Accordion Solo at the Eisteddfod.

In the 70’s I joined the Ossie Mazzei Accordion Orchestra and performed at numerous events and venues across Queensland and Northern New South Wales. In 1994 I followed Ossie Mazzei when he joined the Queensland Accordion Club based on the Gold Coast. The Ossie Mazzei Accordion Orchestra performed at many concerts and events held or organised by the Queensland Accordion Club, which included a very successful tour of Europe in 1996. As the Orchestra was really well received, it was a tour I was extremely proud to be associated with. To this day, I continue to support the Queensland Accordion Club.

Over the past six years, I have also been playing the Accordion for the Alpenrosen Folk Dance Group and during the same period played with the Queensland Accordion Orchestra. The Queensland Accordion Orchestra has recently recorded its first CD and has set its goal to perform at various venues through out Queensland and Northern New South Wales. Clearly, my retirement has not found me “retired”.


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