Music has been a very large part of my life.   I was born in Bangalow, a small town in Northern N.S.W. and began learning the piano at the age of 4.   I always had a fascination for the piano accordion having seen it played at many beach concerts.   I bought my first accordion when I started work at age 14 and started having lessons in Lismore where I was living, and played in an accordion band that was organised by my teacher at that time.   When my teacher left the area she asked me to take over the teaching of her pupils which I readily agreed to do.   I began having lessons from Ossie Mazzei in Brisbane after hearing one of his pupils play.   I regularly caught a bus to Brisbane where I had to carry my accordion some distance to the studio.   I was invited to play in the Ossie Mazzei Orchestra and continued to do so for many years, only taking time off to have and raise four children.    I have taught music all my life, mainly piano and piano accordion but also the electronic organ when it was popular.     I also ran a music group for young people for about 10 years and this was very rewarding.   The highlight of my music career would have to be playing at the World Accordion Championships in New Zealand in 2009 and playing in the World Orchestra 111 and being surrounded by the world’s best players!!    The making of our first CD for the Queensland Accordion Orchestra has also been extremely exciting.


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