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Track 01 - Voila! C’est Paris –  A lilting French musette piece.

Track 02 - Forget Domani –  Song was introduced in the 1964 film ‘The Yellow Rolls Royce’ became popular when it was later recorded by Connie Frances and Frank Sinatra.

Track 03 - Finiculi, Finicula –  A famous Neapolitan song composed to commemorate the opening of the Funicular cable car on Mount Vesuvius in 1880.

Track 04 - Vienna, City of my Dreams –  Nostalgic Viennese song composed by Rudolf Siecysnski, an Austrain composer of Polish ancestry.

Track 05 - Hungarian Dance No. 5 – The most famous in a set of 21 lively dances composed by Johannes Brahms.

Track 06 - Les Feuilles Mortes – Originally a 1945 French song.    English lyrics – Autumn Leaves – were written in 1947.

Track 07 - Two Guitars –  Listed in the top 30 most popular Russian Gypsy Folk songs.

Track 08 - Holy City –  A semi religious Victorian ballad dating from 1892.

Track 09 - American Patrol – A popular American march written 1885.   Format was intended to represent a military band approaching, passing and fading into the distance.

Track 10 - Now is the Hour –  Often described as a traditional Maori song.  Originally an Australian tune, Maori words were added in 1915, the tune changed slightly and became known as ‘Po Atarau’ or the Maori’s Farewell and was used to farewell Maori soldiers going to the First World War.

Track 11 - Brazilia –  A Latin American Medley including ‘El Cumbanchero’, ‘Mambo Jambo’ and ‘Brazil’.



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